An Eye for an Eye: When Justice Is Blind

David Gale (Kevin Spacey) is a successful college professor. He is a loving father. He is also a devoted friend, impassioned orator, and a warrior against capital punishment. He vehemently opposes the death penalty in the state with the highest capital punishment execution rate in the country. David Gale is the face of the Death Watch activism group. Now, he is a convicted murderer. Universal Pictures presents The Life of David Gale: a dramatic thriller which tells the story of a man with credo, a lime-light starved reporter, and what happens when their lives are intertwined and shaken upside down.

Spacey consumes the character of David Gale, former death penalty activist turned death row inmate, in the utmost chilling portrayal of justice gone awry. After being abandoned by his wife and child, Gale is losing touch with his identity and what defines him. He loses his job, his family, his dignity, and his self-respect. When Constance (Laura Linney), his closest friend and confidant is raped and murdered, he finds himself convicted murderer and sentenced to death. He grants one final interview with reporter Bitsy Bloom (Kate Winslet), and reveals that all is not as it seems: that there are far larger forces at work. With only a matter of days to discover the truth before Gale’s execution, Bitsy learns a lesson in integrity and selflessness.

This film forces viewers to ponder that if an eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind, is Gale simply a man who snaps, or a man with a plan to prove in death what he fought for in life? Whether Gale is simply the victim or the calculating villain is a decision left up to what is left of the heart-strings of those who choose to go along on the journey with him.

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The Life of David Gale. Dir. Alan Parker. Universal Pictures, 2003. DVD.


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